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At Copsneak we want people who are participative, attentive, active, positive and hard-working. We focus on Back-End development so this position is the most important in the company.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Development of web monitors with Python and JS (Node, Deno).
  • Maintenance of code of monitors and scrapers of the company.
  • Performance optimization of monitors and scraping tools (Server side).
  • Development of the main Back-end of the Front-End (such as the dashboard, subscriptions, forms...).

What you should have:

  • Be motivated at work.
  • Have a minimum +4 years of experience with the general Back-End.
  • Have experience with web scraping and web monitoring.
  • Know how to take the code to business production and the optimization of reading and ease of understanding for other developers of the same company.

The languages you will need to know:

  • English (Medium-High)
  • Spanish* (Medium)

Bearing in mind that you fulfill all or most of the things on this short list. We will talk about the bonuses we have in the company and how you should work.
- The work is totally remote since, as we mentioned in our blog, we do not have offices yet.
- Meetings (Video calls) will be held twice a week so we want us to be in communication.
- The bonuses will be depending on your experience and your main position in the Back-End.
- The minimum annual Bonus is €10,000/year.

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