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Hello World!

To install the tools, you will have to invite our bot. You can invite it through the bot's own discord account, or through this link.

Once you invite it, you will be able to use the !copsneak command to see the initiation in our services, frequently asked questions, help links and more. All tool commands are on this page.


Fees & Payouts

- !fees [number]

Calculate the fees of various platforms for selling sneakers and collectibles. This is useful to make a calculation to estimate your expenses when selling, it also shows you the different taxes between StockX seller levels. (Ebay, StockX & Goat)

- !payouts [number]

This works the same as fees. But calculate the payouts. Also calculates at different StockX seller levels. (Ebay, StockX & Goat)

Calculate Proxy/Tasks

- !delay [proxies] [tasks]

Calculate the delay you should use for a Shopify bot. It does a quick calculation of 2 numbers, the necessary tasks and the proxies you have. It returns 1 number that you should use as delay, this number is in ms (milliseconds)

Ebay Viewer

- !view [ebay link]

Send random visits chosen by the bot to a product on ebay, these visits can be from 60 to 250 visits. It takes from 1 to 8 minutes to send them and once you send them you will have a 5 minute cooldown where you will not be able to send more visits during that time.

View product information (StockX & Goat)

- !sx [product name] or [product sku]

- !goat [product name]

It gives you the StockX or GOAT information of a specific product, if you search for a product from words, it may return a list of the products found with those words, to select a product from that list, you will have to wait a few seconds until load all the numbers and once they are loaded you will have to click the button you want. Once that is done, it will send you another message with all the product information and the latest sales.

Proxy Scraper

- !proxies

Gets a list of public proxies from various websites and sends you the list via DM. It will also send you a file in txt format with more than 100 obtained proxies. We recommend using this command once every 10 minutes since if you use it too often it is likely to give you the same proxies as in the first message.

Proxy Tester

- !testproxy [proxy]:[port] or [username]:[password]@[proxy]:[port]

It will get your proxy and will test different websites to see how fast the proxy is and if it is valid or not. Your proxy will be deleted from the channel automatically so that no one else uses it.

Keyword Pinger

Add Keywords

- !kw add [keywords split by " , "]

e.g !kw add jordan, yeezy, -mid, -short

Delete Keywords

- !kw del [keywords split by " , "]

e.g !kw del jordan, yeezy, -mid, -short

View Keywords

- !kw view

System of suggestions and misses

Add a suggestion

- !suggest [suggestion]

e.g !suggest Add a new monitor:
e.g !suggest

This command only works through the bot's DM. Copsneak Monitors#2700. If you want to suggest adding a product to monitor, please submit the website url followed by the product SKU or submit the product url to monitor.

Report missing product

- !missing [product url, timestamp]

e.g !missing, August 14, 8h:16m.

This command only works through the bot's DM. Copsneak Monitors#2700.