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Once you have followed all these steps correctly, you will have to wait a period of 6 to 12 hours for your monitors to start working.


Installation of Webhooks

To install the webhooks, you will have to go to your discord group, go to the channel that you want to configure for that monitor. Settings (of the specific channel) - Integrations - Create a new webhook - Copy the webhook URL. Once this is done, you will have to paste the url in the dashboard.

Watch video.

If you have the "ENTIRE Package" you can do the setup in a matter of seconds with the "!setup" command through the company's bot. (This can only be done once and only the Owner can do it)


In the "Customization" part, you will have to establish 3 specific data, the logo of your brand, the color of the messages and the name of your brand. The logo must be in jpg or png format, these formats facilitate the process of loading the image and make them not so heavy, at the same time, faster. The color of the messages is the one that appears in the "embed" messages of discord, to establish your color you will have to do it with a HEX color. For that, you can go to the links part and find yours. (the HEX color is the one that starts with # and is followed by a series of letters and numbers). You can also get the HEX color of your discord server, in one of your configured roles.

Get HEX Color.


In the Team section you can add members of your company/group that you want to have access to the monitors. Specifically to the dashboard and the company's bot commands.
-The support role will only be able to see the webhooks and the information but will not have access to edit anything on the dashboard, the same will happen with the bot commands. (He/she will not be able to see the Billing page)
-The Administrator role will have full access to the dashboard, webhook editing, configuration... (He/she will not be able to see the Billing page)
We recommend not giving this role to anyone.

The two roles will not be able to add other members, you can only do it with the role of Owner.


On the Billing page you will see all the information about your Copsneak payments. From here you can access the Stripe page to cancel your subscription if necessary.

Keyword Pinger

The Pinger keyword is very easy to configure, considering that you have knowledge with Discord, it could be easily done in 5 minutes of clock. The first thing we are going to do is select a channel only for the bot to send messages with the pings, you can call it #pings, #kpinger, #pinger or whatever you like.
The next thing will be to copy the channel ID by right clicking (if you don't get this option, you will have to go to Settings - Advanced - Activate Developer mode).
We will have to do something similar with the role, you can call it @filtered, @pnig, @keywords that will be to your liking.
We will copy the ID and paste it in the configuration section (it can be accessed by clicking on "Configure", the main button of the dashboard page).
Once we have these two things configured, we will have to go further down the dashboard and we will see an "add bar" where we can add both channels and keywords.
Keywords could be of two types, positive or negative.
Explanation: The positive words are those that if you want them to be filtered in the assigned channel, for example they could be "Jordan 1", "Dunk Low", "YEEZY", among many others. Negative words are those that if they are found, they will be avoided, that means that if the product is found, for example "T-Shirt" the ping will not be sent.
We can differentiate both words by adding a key sign at the beginning of each one, (+) for the positive ones and (-) for the negative ones.
Once we add our words, we will have to add the corresponding channels that we want to filter, for that we will select each channel and click on "Copy ID", we will paste it in the input and we will do "Submit".
Once this is done, two tables should appear, one with the words and the other with the channels.